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Wednesday, 2nd February

Pfizer have announced that they are to close down their global research and development headquarters in Sandwich, Kent. This centre is one of the largest non-CRO animal testing laboratories in the UK, using all manner of species in cruel experiments - from primates to rats and dogs to cats.

Pfizer's Viagra was tested at HLS and elsewhere. In 1998, one experiment done in Pfizer's labs in Kent involved mutilating dogs' genitals these grotesque experiments were still allowed to happen with the Home Office's approval and we're glad that this abuse establishment is closing.

With AstraZeneca due to close down their Charnwood site in Leicestershire any time now, this shows the true state of the vivisection industry in the UK. This year, we must stand strong and really put an end to the animal cruelty and scientific invalidity within research laboratories.

Colin Blakemore, infamous for his research sewing kittens eyelids shut, set the standard with his comments in the Telegraph:

"We must respond to this signal that one of our most important industries no longer has confidence in the future of British science"

Maybe it's time for British 'science' to stop torturing animals for financial gain? We'll respond to this with more pressure from committed, caring individuals until vivisection is resigned to the history books.

BBC NEWS: www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-12335801



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