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Monday, 21st February

Activists gathered outside HLS customer AstraZeneca at Alderley Park, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK10 2NA today between 3pm and 6pm to see the workers out and to remind them what their company funds at HLS.

AstraZeneca have said in the past after they were exposed paying for cruel primate experiments at HLS in 2008-2009, that "animals at HLS don't suffer" which is absolutely absurd! As all animal experiments are licensed by the Home Office and are graded in degrees of suffering.

AstraZeneca continue to support the 'worst of the worst' animal labs - Huntingdon Life Sciences - and we wonder just how many exposes of animal cruelty, sloppy work practices and scientific fraud does it take before Astrazeneca finally distance themselves from HLS?

We will continue to highlight AstraZeneca for paying for cruel experiments at HLS and also their own bad track record of suppressing test data, over charging doctors for their drugs, not paying their taxes on time and being investigated for colluding to keep cheap drugs off the market.

AstraZeneca, until you clean up your act and stop supporting the vivisection industry instead of doing real, medical science, we will continue to protest against you.

We'll be back soon AZ, drop HLS!




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