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Monday, 21st February

SHAC Netherlands went on the road again to confront HLS supporters and let them know that we will not forget about them.

We started the day at MedImmune, recently acquired by AstraZeneca in Nijmegen. Bought with blood money earned with the torture and murder of innocent animals. They do not work directly under the name of AstraZeneca, but they could not deceive us, those who support HLS will always be found!

At the first sound of the truth that was sent in their direction through megaphones, the cowards hid behind their blinds right away. We got into the hallway, but the second door was locked, typical. This didn't prevent us from telling the desk assistant (and other employees who didn't dare to show their face) how we feel about murderers. After quite a few minutes of loud protest it was time to go to the next target.

This target was Pfizer, Capelle a / d IJssel. Pfizer recently bought Wyeth, also a customer of HLS. The employees of Pfizer contribute to the torture and murder of animals, supposedly in the name of science. We know better and so we will not forget them.

First, we came no further than the hall, but thanks to a friendly desk assistant, we were able to enter the building, where we loudly and clearly informed everybody inside about the torture and murder going on inside HLS. As long as HLS is supported by Pfizer, we will continue to do demonstrations at their offices!

After a few minutes shouting we decided that the message was clear to Pfizer. We have made equally clear that we will continue to confront them until they have cut their ties with HLS.

After this we continued our way to the office of AstraZeneca in Zoetermeer. This week is the international week of action against AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is also the number one target of the campaign against HLS. All the more reason to pay the employees of this murdering company a visit. The AstraZeneca cowards did not dare show their faces because they know only too well what they're contributing to.

You can close your eyes, but we won't leave you alone! We will come back, until you have cut your ties with HLS!

The fourth target was Sanofi Aventis, Gouda. Sanofi Aventis knows us very well, and they felt tough enough to laugh at us from the fifth floor from behind their blinds. This changed when we made it clear that this will not be the last time! Soon the scum disappeared behind their curtains. By supporting HLS you all have blood on your hands and you know it!

Second-to-last was Bristol-Myers Squibb in Woerden. Again, all the blinds were down in an attempt to exclude our truths, but we made sure that it was clear to all the employees of Bristol-Myers Squibb, that the killings they contribute to will not be forgotten. After a lap around the building we decided to proceed. Bristol-Myers Squibb should have understood the message by now: we will not rest until you stop paying HLS with your blood money!

Our last target was Bayer in Mijdrecht. At our last visit we showed them that we are not afraid of their macho employees, they clearly hadn't forgotten about that. Once we approached the building, all the blinds went down in an attempt to exclude us. This again shows all too clearly how the employees of Bayer are guilty and how well they know this already. We rubbed them in the faces with the truth about HLS. Every day hundreds of animals die in the labs of HLS and their blood is all over your hands! We will not rest until you withdraw your support, Bayer!

After a day full of positive energy we all withdrew, but we will not rest until all ties with HLS are broken!


In solidarity with life, SHAC Netherlands



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