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Wednesday, 23rd February

Activists in London targeted the three day Predictive Toxicology Conference 2011 near Tower Hill as part of the week of action against AstraZeneca.

Strolling past security and down into the American Square Conference Centre at One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB. Tel: 020 7706 7700 the activists disrupted a talk in the Ludgate room by AstraZeneca's Mick Fellows to find out why AstraZeneca continue their support for HLS and vivisection despite numerous exposés revealing the company’s cruelty towards animals and lack of regard for the law. Carrying placards and chanting they walked onto the stage to directly address AstraZeneca's speaker and the other delegates asking AstraZeneca and Pfizer to follow the lead of Novartis, Roche and other pharma companies and stop funding HLS's cruel experiments. The speaker was ordered by another delegate not to answer any questions! (Have you not heard of freedom of speech AstraZeneca?!)

The AstraZeneca speaker looked uncomfortable when accused of associating with criminals and refused to justify AstraZeneca’s involvement with HLS. Security eventually ended his embarrassment by man-handling the activists and escorting them outside the conference room. As they left the activists continued to loudly demand an end to support for HLS and left them a noisy present too!

Please contact the America Conference Centre and ask them (politely) not to host these conferences until they stop dealing with companies that torture animals for profit. Tel: 0207 706 7700 or email: rachel@cavendishconferencevenues.com

It's time to dump HLS and vivisection AstraZeneca! We're not going away until you do!

SHAC London


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