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Friday, 25th February

In solidarity with the week of action against AstraZeneca, local activists made the long hike up to AstraZeneca's Luton offices at Horizon Place, 600 Capability Green, Luton LU1 3LU. (0158283 6000). On entering the Capability Green Business Park we were approached by Security reminding us of their no dogs policy. So we decided to do the demo in shifts so there were always 8 activists at the building.

On reaching the parks summit we heard the AZ site going into lock-down saying animal rights activists were there - we knew that already! Soon we found two community support officers there to welcome us. As soon as we got there the energy at the demo was amazing with lots of angry shouting all the blinds in the windows came down and surrounding businesses' employees flocked to their windows and started taking photos of our demo.

We went up to windows and showed the workers in the meeting rooms the HLS posters until the remaining blinds went down on the ground floor. We then took the chanting to their reception while their security photographed us.

We came around the front again chanting for them “to cut their ties with HLS”, passing drivers beeped their horns in support. The police came and as usual for them they then placed us under a Section Fourteen notice so we were 'allowed' half an hour to leave or be arrested, nice to know that freedom of speech to so welcomed in Luton. So we continued to chant, leaflet and do speeches about AstraZeneca's dirty track record of animal abuse, suppressing test data, tax evasion, over charging doctors for their dangerous drugs and colluding to keep cheaper drugs off the market, much to the shame of AZ.

We left at the appointed time and said goodbye (for now) to AstraZeneca. We will be back because we will never give up or go away and we always win.

Until every cage is empty

Bedford Animal Action: info@bedfordanimalaction.org



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