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Saturday, 26th February

Activists made their way down the windy roads to find Harlan Interfauna Ltd, Sawtry Way, Wyton, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 2DT. (Tel: 01480 455335) as part of a day of action called by NAVA against Harlan, to tell them to cut their ties with HLS and the vivisection industry. Harlan Interfauna are main supplier of Beagles for animal experiments at HLS for useless products like Splenda sweetener, they also supply AstraZeneca.

Harlan's site is a totally soulless place set in amongst the Cambridgeshire countryside with no signs to show where they are because they hide themselves and their guilt. But you can not miss the high fences, CCTV and the sound of barking from those incarerated inside. Looking more like a small version of an animal Belson with a security building near the front of the site.

As activists arrived and got out of their vehicles they could hear the dogs pitifull cries from the sheds at the back that unbelievably had hanging flower baskets at the doors. As more people joined the demo along with a couple of new people who had never experienced being so close to 'lab animals' before reduced to tears. We decided to stay silent as we didn't want to add to the dogs stress by shouting but even so every so often you could hear minutes of a dog wailing or crying out, pleading to their captors to be freed to feel the sun on their backs and wind on their faces.

Our hearts were heavy, but resolved and angry as we stood listening to their distress and watched the security guard smirking. This place is pure evil! There are no words that can express how we all felt. We are hoping that the demo drew attention to this disgusting place and will perhaps touch the hearts of people who will join us in the fight to bring an end to this utterly barbaric and unforgivably cruel world of vivisection!

The rain continued on and off all morning till we left at 3pm vowing to come back till they cut their ties with HLS and stop their evil trade.



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