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Monday, 17th January

Today a group of activists crossed the Netherlands to protest against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS).

HLS is Europe's largest animal testing center, they have become known after under cover images came out. This footage showed how a beagle puppy was punched in the face. Time and again, new stories and footage of unacceptable animal suffering surfaced. This company should be closed, so today we went down to five clients to give a voice to these animals.

We started the day in Zwolle at Abbott Labs, this pharma company is an old customer of HLS. when we arrived we could walk straight into the lobby to let every body inside the building know what we think of the pharma and animal testing industries.

After Abbott Labs we went to Syngenta in Zeewolde, this biotech company also makes regular use of HLS. Upon arrival everything looked dead, even the fish in the fountain. If these kind of sick companies do their thing without resistance, the whole world will be contaminated with GM plants and the loss will be immeasurable.

After Syngenta it was Abbott Labs turn again, this time in Hoofddorp. Here we walked into the lobby to let them know we won't give up without a fight, and we won’t let them destroy our planet and its inhabitants without opposition.

After Hoofddorp it was Mijdrecht’s turn. Here we could walk in after a customer into the office of Bayer. With 3 Megaphones and posters we let employees know they have blood on their hands. After one minute there were three tough guys from Bayer to throw us out. We will not be silenced by these people so we continued our demos outside.

After Bayer it was Teva Pharma’s turn. After letting the workers know with mega phones why we were there, we went to the last demo of the day.

Schering Plough in Houten. Here we surprised the staff at lunch. All employees saw what we were doing and they know that while the company they work for is doing experiments on animals, they all have blood on their hands. It's time to stop using HLS - how many more exposes will it take before you stop being involved in animal cruelty?

Until the last cage is empty! If you would like to get involved in the Nederlands, then please contact: info@respectvoordieren.nl

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