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Monday, 17th January

Axa have moved their offices in Birmingham, just around the corner from their old office, they are located at St Philips Point, Temple Row, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 5AF, Tel: 0121 643 7161.

St Philips Point is a tall, fancy building that offers space for companies to have their offices in. We don't see what's so posh and fancy about a company that invests in torture and murder by being a major shareholder of AstraZeneca, a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. However we are well aware that Axa is a hypocritical company on more than just one level, as they claim to be ethical, but there is certainly no ethics involved with the above mentioned companies, just cruelty and fraudulence.

SHACtivists turned up outside their new office today and we'll make sure their swanky move only sees them at even more of a disadvantage whilst they are dealing in death. Set amongst a very busy and public area of the city centre, with numerous neighbouring companies in the same building, we made a clear statement to Axa and let everyone around know what horrific atrocities and other despicable companies they are involved with.

Just as we expected many members of the public watched our protest, and listened to every word we said. Some of them came up to us to find out more about the campaign to close down HLS. And lots of people from inside the building could be seen too, taking in what was going on. Some looked very shocked to hear about what their neighbouring company has their blood-soaked hands in.

Several police officers turned up, as well as some officers from the council. They asked why we were protesting, and were given the relevant reasons and information, then left us to it.

Axa, this is just the first of many demos to come outside your office here in Birmingham, amongst other actions, and things will only get worse until you sever your ties with AZ and HLS! We suggest you get some real morals and ditch the animal killers. HLS are so crap they don't have any shareholders anymore and only have a few customers left, AstraZeneca is one of them. Drop your AZ shares!

SHAC Midlands



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