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Monday, 24th January

Today a group of activists decided to demonstrate against Huntingdon life sciences. Five clients were visited in a day full of actions.

HLS is Europe’s largest contract animal killing facility. 500 animals die every day because the companies we visited today still use HLS.

We started the day at Bristol-Myers Squibb in Woerden. The people inside should be sick of us by now, because this wasn’t the first time we were there. But if you want us to leave you alone, STOP USING HLS!

Than it was Sanofi Aventis’ turn in Gouda. We went by their premises and let the workers inside the building know why we were there. As long as you use HLS you have the blood of innocent animals on your hands.

After Gouda we went to Zoetermeer, to AstraZeneca. This is one of the biggest clients of HLS right now. We did our best to let them know that as long as they use HLS we keep coming back.

After AstraZeneca it was Abbott’s turn for a loud demo while they were having meetings. HLS is a horrible place for animals, and as long as you keep using them we make your workplace a horrible place too!

Than it was back to Bayer and the people inside the offices started hiding as soon as we started talking through our megaphones. We keep fighting for animal and earth liberation, until all are free!

SHAC Netherlands


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