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Wednesday, 26th January

First visit today was outside of Axa in Birmingham City Centre, SHACtivists arrived onto the scene to continue regular protests against the company for being a major shareholder of AstraZeneca who is a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Both of these companies are notoriously known for multiple exposes of horrific cruelty and scientific fraudulence. Countless animals are tortured and murdered in the name of nothing but money, greed, fraud and heartlessness that goes on to maim and kill humans alike.

Before starting today's protest against Axa, we went inside again to speak to the receptionist, asking if we could offer leaflets to other companies as well as Axa, whilst allowed to hand some to Axa he replied with a contradictory statement about the others that "You have a right to tell them but you can't go and tell them", after asking why, he told us it was because an appointment system is ran, so we asked for appointments with each of the companies, to which he said... "no!", so then we asked how we are expected to book appointments to which he said "how the **** should I know", answered with "well, gee, you're the receptionist, isn't it your job?" and we finally got the answer that we have to book by telephone with each of the companies - one way or another, we're going to get these leaflets across to them!

A noisy demonstration then ensued outside of the building, in which we shamed Axa for their blood money ties with AZ and HLS, and exposed them to the surrounding public. We told Axa and everyone else about the cruelty and fraudulence they are involved with. We also highlighted their false and hypocritical claims of being an ethical company, letting people know this is nothing but a lie because they are involved with making money from other's suffering and deaths.

The tall scale building combined with a busy location is perfect for our demos, the noise echoes all the way to the top and lots of people can hear and see what's going on. As our demonstration continue, we had a crowd of people gather around to watch the protest and find out about Axa and their dodgy, unethical dealings with AZ and HLS!

A man who stopped by has arranged a radio interview about the protest.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves, Axa!

Second visit was at Ocean Finance in Tamworth, to continue our regular demos against this subsidiary of Fortress, the company responsible for lending Huntingdon Life Sciences a death loan so they could continue their business of concentration camps.

We started another angry demonstration, and straight away several lights went off and a flurry of workers just came out and left early! A couple of others from the building could be seen, watching the protest and listening carefully to what we had to say.

Once again we informed Ocean Finance about the horrors and shambles of HLS. We let Ocean Finance know that until Fortress pulls out and releases their statement of confirmation we will continue to be on their doorstep. Another loud protest, in which we continue to shame Ocean Finance for their parent company's involvement with HLS, and expose them to the many passing members of the public using the near-by busy roads and services.

It's time to give over and give us the statement, Fortress!

Axa and Ocean Finance, we aren't going anywhere
and will continue to be an angry scene outside your
offices until your hands are no longer drenched in
the blood of animals.


SHAC Midlands

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