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Friday, 28th January

London activists, as part of their start of the Customer Crunch day of action went to check on Arrow Therapeutics who are being sold off by AstraZeneca as part of their cost cutting exercise. Activists went to protest at their offices at 7 Trinity Street, London to remind them that the Arrow staff will be better off not working with AstraZeneca, a company who lies in court, suppresses test data and continues to use the most exposed animal lab in the world - HLS.

People then moved onto the city, to Axa's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, London where a loud a visual demo was had. Being lunchtime in the city, there were many comings and goings and we were able to spread our message about Axa's so-called ethical policy of investing in animal abuse and scientific fraud.

We then moved on to Axa's Investment Managers offices at 7 Newgate Street, London where we continued to name and shame Axa's involvement and funding of animal abuse and cruelty at HLS. Axa are one of the largest shareholders of the discredited pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, who are presently cutting back on staff and selling off some of their properties as their drug pipeline slows. Maybe AZ, it would be a good time to stop using HLS and actually try doing some real research without torturing animals and stop trying to block cheaper drugs coming on to the market?. We all know that if you REALLY cared about minimising suffering you'd stop your outdated vivisection and start sharing data, so all can benefit - not just your shareholders and management.

Until next time, we will continue to highlight your needless cruelty and scientific fraud.

SHAC London



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