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Friday, 28th January

As part of the 'Customer Crunch' day of action today, we decided to pay two top customers of HLS a long overdue visit.

First stop was Bristol-Myers Squibb (Cruiserath Road, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15). Unable to get passed security gates, we proceeded to inform the security guard there of the company's dealings with animal abuse. He was shocked and even took leaflets to give to other staff! He then suggested we try going to their HQ in Leopardstown - so off we went!

Quick visit to Merck (South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18) beforehand though! We went into the building and asked to speak to the directors - but they refused, as expected, so time for a noisy chant on the megaphone!

Finishing and driving out just as security was heading in, we moved on to the Bristol-Myers Squibb HQ, which was actually in the same business park.

We rang the buzzer and asked for directors to be sent down to discuss their involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences with us - and two actually did venture to the front door, but refused to open it, deciding to ask what we wanted by shouting through the glass instead! Then when HLS was mentioned, all they said was "no, no, no" and proceeded to run back up the stairs. Typical cowards!

Their reward? Another loud session of chanting on the megaphone! Which actually brought neighbouring companies out to have a look, making naming-and-shaming them even more enjoyable.

We'll be returning to both targets - and more - really soon!

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