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Friday, 28th January

As part of Customer Crunch day of action, activists set out to pay a visit to a few Montreal exec's.

First stop was the home of Vicky Esposito, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance - Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada.

Activists once again let her neighbors know about the suffering behind the blood money Vicky earns. Bristol Myers Squibb, get the message already, there will be no peace for you or your exec's until you Cut Your Ties With HLS.

Second stop was the home of Wayne Quigley, President and General Manager - Bristol Myers Squibb Canada.

Although Wayne has recently moved his family out of his million dollar house to try and escape activists, we thought we would let the neighbors know why he moved and let them know all about the cruelty going on at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Rather then change their cruel ways, BMS has chosen to modify their website in an effort to hide their executives identities. Removing your executive page from your website will not be the path to peace BMS. As long as you are contracting HLS to torture and murder for you, you have blood on your hands. Until you come clean, we will be there fighting for the prisoners of HLS. Remember, if you want to get some rest - Cut Your Ties With HLS!

Next on the list was the home of Stanislav Glezer, Vice President of Medical Affairs - Sanofi Aventis

Always a pleasure visiting with you Stan, but isn't it time Sanofi makes the right choice to end their contract with HLS? Do yourself and your neighbors a favor and join the 100+ companies who have Cut Their Ties With HLS. Until then, we'll be back Stan.

Last stop for the evening was home of Richard Fajzel, General Manager, Oncology Business Unit - Pfizer

Activists also let Richards neighbors know about the ongoing cruelty and torture that Richard is involved in to earn his blood money. Their blood is on your hands Richard and it's time to come clean. Do it for yourself, your neighbors and the animals.

Cut Your Ties With HLS!


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