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Monday, 31st January
by Nathan Bond

You might be interested to know that two of the top targets for SHAC, which are AstraZeneca and Bristol Myers-Squibb, have been known to undertake a practice that is referred to by capitalists as 'Dead Peasant' insurance[1] [2].

Let me explain: these companies not only have the audacity to fund Huntingdon Life Sciences to perform, as we know, cruel and futile experiments for their environmentally detrimental products, but they will also happily take out life insurance policies on their own employees without informing them, let alone having their consent.

Now, I'm not one to exaggerate, but these companies literally have a vested interest in seeing their own employees dead. We now know that they profit from the death of both human and non-human animals.

This has to raise the question, if these companies are willing to kill and maim non-humans for their own profit, and they are set to profit from their employees dying, what is the next logical step? This is no longer only a question of animal welfare, which is massively important in the first place, but human life as well.

HLS is complicit in this, as an associate of the companies. Surely this fact could be of use when attempting to inform more anthropocentrically-minded members of the public that what these companies are doing is fundamentally immoral. HLS must be stopped.

For human, animal and earth liberation,


[1] http://www.sokolovesuccess.com/business-of-law/tag/dead-peasant-policies/
[2] http://deadpeasantinsurance.com/which-employers-bought-policies-on-the-lives-of-employees/


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