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Wednesday, 5th January

Ocean Finance - Meeting Disrupted and Demonstration

A meeting was being held at Ocean Finance HQ at Pacific House, Relay Point, Tamworth B77 5PA today, and all was running smoothly until us darn SHACtivists arrived to shake, shake, SHAC it up!

People stood up and walked out, literally, from their posh board room as we got straight into chanting at the company for their blood money ties to HLS and once again questioned the existance of their conscience.

After clearly failing to continue their meeting in peace or any great detail, they ended it and even gave a signal after turning all the lights off which made it look like a complete blackout in their meeting room.

Ocean Finance is owned by Fortress, the top target of the SHAC campaign. Fortress are responsible for lending a life-line loan to Huntingdon Life Sciences of up to $70 million dollars when they needed it most. We will continue our actions against Ocean Finance here in the Midlands until their parent company Fortress, who is also on the receiving end of protests, pull out of Huntingdon Life Sciences once and for all.

Another loud and visual scene outside of Ocean Finance today, with more passing and supportive members of the public. The neighbouring businesses who have happily taken leaflets from us and also voiced support, continue to watch us as we keep protesting against Ocean Finance regularly.

Fortress, drop HLS and release a statement!

SHAC Midlands


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