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Friday, 15th July

Earlier in the week, activists held a phone bloc against AXA because of their shares in AstraZeneca, who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Lots of people from all over the country phoned AXA and complained to them about their blood money dealings, and urged them to remove their shares. The response from AXA staff varied, all of them became annoyed at the high number of calls, some remained polite to an extent but others resorted to interrupting callers, leaving people on hold or slamming the phone down.

Today, activists arrived outside of AXA in Birmingham once again to protest against them because of their unethical ties with AZ and HLS.

We shamed the company, who makes false claims about being "ethical" and boasts about their relationship with the RSPCA, yet tries to discreetly make profit from the suffering of thousands of lives every year by holding links in torture with AZ and HLS. We assured them, that as long as they continue to be involved with such despicable businesses, their involvement will never be discreet because we will always be there to protest against them and inform the public.

Lots of people came up to talk to us about the demonstration and find out more, some became very emotional about the information given and plenty of leaflets were given out with words of support given back.

The police later turned up, telling us "they would facilitate our protest, if we stopped using SHAC placards which were offensive and stopped using megaphones", so basically, they were expecting us to protest with virtually nothing at all! We told them that the use of these placards and our megaphones were not illegal, the placards are used to display the truth and images of tortured and murdered animals can also be seen at the local butchers shop, whilst our megaphones are used to convey the truth and nothing inappropriate was said. They then resorted to imposing a dispersal again under the Anti Social Behaviour act, even though they have already been told that holding a lawful protest is part of our human rights and our legal demonstrations are not a form of "anti social behaviour", however by the time they had finally turned up and imposed this we were already leaving for our next target anyway!

If the police are unreasonable to us, so can we be to them, the only difference is we actually understand these laws whereas these unprofessional, bigoted officers do not know the first thing about democracy.

Next we arrived at Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS), where we held another loud protest right outside of their offices. Security guards rushed to lock up the entrance whilst staff slammed their windows shut and closed the blinds. They continue to display their frustration at not being able to block out the truth of being reminded about the misery and plight of animals inside HLS's torture laboratories. Further displeased they became that after shaking things up we then left the premises to protest against the next target before the draconian clueless police could even arrive. As long as ICS has a contract with the notoriously vile Huntingdon Life Sciences, they can expect our demonstrations to continue, and vivisection collaborators in the Midlands never know when we will next turn up and what we will do next!

Finally we made the trip over to Coventry in order to protest against FedEx, who provide their services including general mail delivery, freight handling and/or even animal transportation for various vivisection companies including HLS and others.

We protested against the company from all around the perimeter of their site, which carries noise very well across the whole of their offices. We gave them the clear message that as long as they are dealing in death, they will have to deal with us as there is no justification for the horrific experiments animals are subjected to every day inside those hell-holes and the products made afterwards some of which being dangerous that go on to maim and kill humans alike.

FedEx staff slammed their windows shut and pulled the blinds across, but we knew they could still hear us very clearly. Security guards watched carefully throughout the whole duration of the demo, but couldn't do much when some of us then marched onto the site and took the message even closer to FedEx staff! Doors were locked and activists were followed around the whole site by the security guards, as we continued to shame the company for being involved with the horrific vivisection industry.

AXA, ICS and FedEx, cut your ties with vivisection!

SHAC Midlands


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