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Saturday, 2nd July

What an incredibly powerful and productive day of street action! The FAUN Anti-Vivisection Alliance, comprised of committed activists from across NY/NJ again navigated our way through 4 fiery home demos starting (as appropriate) with the filthiest of animal abusing filth- Andrew Baker CEO of HLS. Twenty-four activists participated in this powerful day of protest.

After a loud, energetic, PRODUCTIVE (we gave away LOTS of leaflets) demo, we moved on to Elizabeth Goldman, PR /VP bigwig at Pfizer. Foot traffic at this location was such that the public DEVOURED all our Pfizer leaflets and there was a surprisingly favorable reaction from people who lived in Golden's building (most of whom were unaware of the blood on this woman's hands.

We moved on to Lamberto Andreotti and then James Cornelius, top execs at Bristol Myers-Squibb. All along the way (40+ city blocks hoofing by day's end) we had given out SO MANY leaflets & engaged so many people on the vivisection issue that all of us were INSPIRED. GREAT day of action!

One activist noted: “Everything just seemed to fall magically into place, not only with the great weather but in how well we were received by passersby both at Andrew Bakers home and especially at Ms. Golden's on Broadway & 66th streets, where we had a lively and responsive audience, many of whom were unaware of the daily torture & animal abuse that goes on at HLS & Pfizer. The posters & printed handouts spoke volumes (yes, pictures are worth a 1,000 words) and were most convincing to all who couldn't believe what they were seeing or reading. I left with such a great feeling of accomplishment, wishing we could be on that corner every day of the week to spread the words of FAUN.”

F.A.U.N. Friends of Animals United New Jersey


Andrew Baker, CEO & Chairman Huntingdon Life Sciences
Elizabeth Golden, VP Corporate Rep & Policy - Pfizer
Lamberto Andreotti, CEO Bristol-Myers Squibb
James Cornelius, Chairman of the Board Bristol-Myers Squibb


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