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Wednesday, 20th July

Today activists continued the pressure against vivisection collaborators in the Midlands, with more demonstrations outside of FedEx, AXA and ICS in which we are now hitting these targets randomly.

First up we arrived outside of FedEx offices in Coventry, where we marched around the perimeter of the site shaming the company for their unethical dealings in providing general mail, freight handling and/or even animal transportation for various vivisection companies including HLS.

FedEx staff responded by slamming their windows shut and pulling the blinds across, but we were armed with an array of megaphones and the noise boomed across their whole site. As well as this, some of us marched onto the site at the same time in order to take the message even closer to them, so they could hear us loud and clear.

They can be assured that anyone who deals in vivisection, will have to deal with us!

Next up, we went to Birmingham and arrived outside of AXA. Refueled at the recent victory of Fortress pulling out of their blood money loan to Huntingdon Life Sciences, and bearing in mind that HLS customers are now even more vital targets in the campaign to close them down, we intended to create even more of a scene than usual, and we sure did!

AXA are a major shareholder of AstraZeneca, who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. With multiple megaphones being used, we gave another show of our determination to them that we will carry on pressuring their company and informing the public about their ties with AZ and HLS until they end their involvement with these despicable companies.

Soon into the demonstration, members of the public started gathering to watch the both loud and visual scene outside of AXA's office, and these crowds continued to grow throughout the protest into large numbers surrounding us. We continued to shame AXA, who could only helplessly watch their company being humiliated upon their own doorstep in front of
these crowds of people, who gave us their support, took lots of leaflets and some also pledged they would get involved.

We also had around 8 members of the police present on the protest, but though an over-manned amount of officers came they did not impede on our demonstration and this time just monitored it. We are lawfully exercising our rights to protest and we will continue to do so as long as we need to.

Finally we headed over to Industrial Cooling Systems, who have a contract in supplying HLS with equipment. Upon arrival, security guards rushed to lock the main entrance and stand on close guard from behind the windows, watching our every move.

Again, we made sure ICS knows that as long as they are dealing with HLS and are helping their animal torture laboratories, they can expect us time and time again until they end their involvement.

Staff at each of these companies continue to become more and more annoyed with our protests and we hope that they pass on their annoyance to the managers and directors who make the decisions to work with HLS. These companies will receive no rest until they end their involvement with the vile vivisection industry which is responsible for taking thousands of lives every year through their horrific experiments and dangerous drugs.

SHAC Midlands



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