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Wednesday, 20th July

SHAC activists surprised some of HLS' top customers with a few unannounced demos.

First on the list of targets was Bayer (Bayer B.V. Postbus 80, Energieweg 1, NL-3640 AG Mijdrecht, Netherlands. Phone: +31 29 7280 666), where their unethical involvement with the world's most notorious animal testing laboratory was described over megaphones. Activists ensured that Bayer was in no doubt about the dedication of campaigners to remind Huntingdon's customers of exactly what disgusting practices they're culpable for.

Next up was Pfizer (Pfizer BV, Rivium Westlaan 142, 2909 LD Capelle a/d IJssel. Phone: +31 10 4064 200), another important customer of HLS. Staff were clearly unimpressed when they realised what was happening and began closing the blinds over their windows in a futile attempt to block out the protest. However, despite the worker's best efforts, activists made it clear that anyone who continues to prop up HLS will remain a target - they will not be allowed to get away with murder. Activists will continue to fight for the 500 individuals who have their lives destroyed inside Huntingdon every day and this fight will never end until the day that HLS closes once and for all.

Activists ended the day with a visit to AstraZeneca (AstraZeneca BV, Postbus 599, 2700 AN Zoetermeer. Phone: +31 79 3632 222). AstraZeneca should have realised by now that they're the main focus amongst the customer targets and that they will continue to be named and shamed, whether at their offices, conferences they're attending or at the offices and conferences of their shareholders. This particular demo coincided with a delivery being made to their office, which led to much disruption and inconvenience as AZ went into lockdown and refused to allow entry for the delivery men who were left stuck in the entrance foyer looking rather shocked. A couple of AstraZeneca guests who were sat in the reception area were informed by campaigners of the sordid abuse that AZ pays for, before being rushed through to another room by flustered AZ employees. By the end of this protest activists were sure AZ had received their message loud and clear - dump HLS or deal with us.

For the 70,000 animals languishing inside Huntingdon Life Sciences at any one time, SHAC will continue to force those responsible to regret having the blood of the innocent on their hands.

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