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Saturday, 23rd July

Several activists from around the nation and continent came together for a few evening neighborhood protests against HLS during the Animal Rights Conference 2011. There were over 60 incredible activists who came out to speak up for the silenced and oppressed, and demanded for closure of the lab.

First, activists visited Linda Arnette's neighborhood - a Director at BlackRock, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. As long as BlackRock holds shares in AZ, they continue to uphold animal abuse and fraudulent science. Each day, their investment allows AstraZeneca to hire Huntingdon Life Sciences to test and conduct horrific experiments on 500 animals every day. As a Director of BlackRock, Linda Arnette has the moral and social responsibility to pressure her company to cut ties with HLS. Activists will continue to educate widely about Arnette's connections to HLS and won't back down until BlackRock stops investing in murder.

Next, the slew of animal activists visited Charles Carr - a Regional Trainer and Development Leader for AstraZeneca. With over 60 activists voices, their message to shut down HLS and stop the killing rang loud and clear throughout the neighborhood. As an employee of such a despicable company, Carr is morally culpable for the hundreds of animals' suffering and deaths. As long as AZ deals with HLS, activists will be out in Carr's neighborhood speaking up and fighting for the innocent.

Until Every Cage is Empty and Huntingdon is Shut Down!



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