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Tuesday, 26th July

Demos against AstraZeneca and BlackRock brought activists together to hold national demos for the animals inside HLS and to demand the closure of the disgusting lab.

First, activists equipped with megaphones visited the offices of BlackRock in Downtown Los Angeles. As employees milled out, activists were able to name and shame BlackRock employees as well as hand out leaflets to those who wished to know why activists were there. Many were shocked by the images from inside HLS, and supported the activists and the fight. BlackRock, this is not the last time activists will be protesting in front of your offices for those who cannot speak for themselves. Stop investing in murder and cut your ties with HLS!

Next, the activists moved onto to Linda Arnette's neighborhood - a Director at BlackRock, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA. The majority of neighbors were supportive of activists coming out to expose the truth about Arnette's bloody ties - as many of them had small dogs. The neighbors were so compassionate and enraged by the torture at HLS they told activists they expected to see people speaking up for the animals every week at Linda's! And activists reassured them as well as Linda that no one was going away until BlackRock cut their ties.

Finally, protests for the day ended in Charles Carr's neighborhood - a Regional Trainer and Development Leader for AstraZeneca. Demos were loud, clear and uncompromising, and Carr was once again reminded (as well as his neighbors) about what his disgusting company pays for behind the doors of HLS. We won't back down until AstraZenca stops the killing.

Until Every Cage is Empty and Huntingdon is Shut Down!


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