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Friday, 29th July

As part of the Global Day of Action against HLS customers, London activists continued to target HLS customer AstraZeneca and it's financial allies.

The day started fine and dry as we made our way to Axa's UK HQ offices at 5 Old Broad Street, London. Ten activists, voices raised against Axa for bank rolling AstraZeneca's abuse and torture at HLS. We continue to make the public and Axa's clients about this disgusting, lying company for their so-called ethical policy. Who pretend to care for animals while funding and profiteering from this secretive abuse at the most exposed lab in the world. We stayed outside their offices for about 45 minutes, not as long as normal, as we had other places to go...

Meeting up with more activists, we travelled across to Paddington. To AstraZeneca's global headquarters at 7th-9th Floors, 2 Kingdom Street, Paddington, London, W2 6BD. Tel:+44 (0)20 7604 8000. Where activists spread out around the large area outside their building where many people have their lunch or pass by on their way to neighbouring buildings in this complex. With activists holding banners from a high wall, with other activists in the amphitheatre below with banners and placards, we used our megaphones to great effect to highlight AstraZeneca's track record of animal cruelty, suppressing test data, being raided by the European Commission, being investigated by the US government and paying nearly $1 million in fines and penalties last year, plus much more - this is not surprising for a company that deals with HLS, themselves a company with a criminal record of animal cruelty and financial irregularities - all on the backs of animal abuse, animal torture and human suffering. Many passers-by and building users didn't even realise that AstraZeneca were in this complex, hidden by the steel and glass of their new offices. We left people in no doubt about what AstraZeneca does, with many shocked that a company like AstraZeneca could be amongst them.

We then moved back south into the city centre again to 1 Coleman Street to Legal & General's offices, another AstraZeneca shareholder with ties to the arms trade as well for a quick visit and reminder of the determination we have to continue highlighting their involvement in animal abuse and human suffering.

We then finished the day at the largest of all AstraZeneca's shareholders - BlackRock at 33 King William Street, who have 160 million shares. So BlackRock are very important to AstraZeneca, just like Nomura were to Fortress. We always follow the money, as these companies don't give a damn about animal abuse or cruelty as long as they are making profits! We really don't give a damn how large a company you are, as we care much more for the animals and other countless victims of vivisection than you can possibly even can for your fat corporate wages. Many large multi-national companies have learned that we will never, ever back down until you all get out of the vivisection business and HLS once and for all.

Until all are free, we will not stop.

SHAC London



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