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Friday, 29th July

Atlanta activists today joined in solidarity for the Global Day of Action against HLS customers and although we don't have any customers in Atlanta we were still able to protest outside the global headquarters of one of the main shareholders of AstraZeneca (AZ) - Invesco, Two Peachtree Pointe, 1555 Peachtree Street, N.E., Suite 1800, Atlanta, GA 30309, USA. Tel: +1 404 479 1095 and +1 800 241 5477 - who are the second largest equity investors in the discredited AstraZeneca and as such they have a great deal of sway over what AZ do (since they effectively partly own them).

Invesco know exactly what goes on inside HLS and they just don't care. They're not bothered that AZ are under investigation, or have been raided by anti-trust officials, lie about the side effects of their drugs and suppress test data. Invesco are helping to fund the animal abuse inside HLS and AZ as well as making money from human suffering. So we were outside their offices to say enough is enough!

Activists entered into the shared entrance courtyard and went to the Invesco offices and security stopped us and wouldn't let us talk with anybody from Invesco, so we handed them a folder to give to Invesco with information about HLS, AZ and the campaign. We were assured that the information would get to the 'right people'

Activists then went around to the front of the building to protest and chant near the passing cars by two restaurants that gave us a chance to do some outreach to the passing public about Invesco, AZ and HLS.

Multiple people from the Invesco offices came up the stairs from the courtyard to watch us the whole time and we had a good response from passersby. There were 4 cops guarding the doors to the building. At the end of the protest, a cop and a man with an NSA shirt came and talked to us. We hope to make this a regular occurrence until Invesco stop investing in AZ and HLS.

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