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Friday, 29th July

French animal rights activists gathered for the Global Day of Action against HLS's top customers. On that day activists paid a visit to two important customers of the infamous laboratory where 500 animals are killed everyday.

In the morning we demonstrated in front of Schering Plough (MSD)'s offices at 34 avenue Léonard de Vinci, 92400 Courbevoie. Banners were displayed, placards and posters showed the real face of vivisection using graphic images. Megaphones were on non-stop to explain to the workers and passers-by why we were so angry. A woman who was walking her dog came to see us and told us with a smile that the workers must have been scared of us because none of them were outside whereas normally they are many smoking outside.

In the afternoon it was AstraZenca's turn. We arrived at 1 place Louis Renault, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison and started the demo quite quickly being already warmed up by the previous demo. Many passers-by and motorists showed us their support. The workers went out by a back door to smoke. Each time we approached them to speak to them, they put out their cigarettes and fled inside, as we moved back to the front door they came back out in groups. Courage is required when working for AstraZeneca...

We won't stop the demos until the laboratory is no longer standing. We won't stop repeating that animal experiments are barbaric, useless and even dangerous for human safety.

Dump HLS!


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