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Friday, 29th July

As part of the Global Day of Action against HLS customers, concerned Bay Area Activists gathered at the San Francisco headquarters of BlackRock (BLK), which is a top shareholder in AstraZeneca. BlackRock has recently acquired Barclays Global Investments (BGI) which is now the HQ for BlackRock. Caring activists tried to have a meeting and issue a letter to BlackRock about their shady dealings with AstraZeneca, a top customer of HLS.

Around 4 pm, several concerned individuals found themselves at the doorstep of BlackRock in downtown San Francisco. Activists made it quite clear that they will never back down and never let up until BlackRock pulls out of their “investments” in AstraZeneca. HLS cannot function without their customers, and AstraZeneca are key to their survival.

After about an hour of hammering BlackRock, and educating employees who were leaving for the weekend, activists felt their message was adequately served, as security was scrambling to keep activists from approaching the office. Several fliers were handed out to passersby, and conversations were held with BlackRock employees, who were horrified about their companies involvement with HLS. This yielded a great response and gave bay area activists a renewed energy to keep up the campaign against HLS.

Bay area activists also delivered letters and fliers to the mail-room at BlackRock, which invited deliverers to knock on the door as they were leaving. The bay is just getting started and will not stop- Until All Are Free!"

If you would like top get involved with protests in the Bay Area, SF then please contact: info@shac.net and we'll put you in touch.



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