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Saturday, 30th July

Bay area activists hit the streets again to name and shame those responsible for animal torture in vivisection labs like HLS. Activists first started at the home of Ronald Kahn, who is the investment manager of BlackRock. Activists delivered on their promises to not to back down and to make sure BlackRock and their key employees know their simple demands - that BlackRock completely divest from AstraZeneca, the top customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences or get AstraZeneca to drop HLS.

Ronald Kahn and his neighbors were assured that bay area activists would visit his Clay Street home time and time again, until BlackRock completely divests from AstraZeneca. After about 45 minutes of naming and shaming Ronald Kahn, activists once again vowed to return to Ronald's home and office until the campaign demands are met.

Next on the list was Kathleen Zemanek, who answered her door and admitted to being an account director of AstraZeneca. Despite her pleasant demeanor, she is responsible for keeping HLS afloat. Neighbors were not pleased to have activists in their neighborhood and called the police immediately. Activists approached neighbors who said they are a close knit community on 6th Ave in San Francisco. Activists were not deterred and held strong. Kathleen was spotted taking pictures from her third story with a zoom lens camera. Police arrived on the scene but activists continued the demo while police were attempting to shut it down. After another 45 minutes passed, activists felt their message was adequately served, and left. As activists were leaving, they noticed several more police cars going to the quiet 6th Ave neighborhood.

Next up was UCSF primate vivisector, Stephen Lisberger, who has been responsible for barbaric tests for over 30 years. Stephen Lisberger conducts fluid deprivation, gluing metal coils to eyelids using restraint chairs and conducts invasive surgeries on primates for this outdated and useless so-called “science”.

Vivisection is an outdated and barbaric practice that will be stopped. Companies who fund these experiments like BlackRock or AstraZeneca, or the primate vivisectors at UCSF. This past weekend was an energetic and empowering experience, and concerned bay area activists will continue to name and shame until all are free!"

If you would like top get involved with protests in the Bay Area, SF then please contact: info@shac.net and we'll put you in touch.



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