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Wednesday, 6th July

Activists arrived outside of AXA again to hold another demonstration against their business because of their blood-money shares in AstraZeneca who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We began the demonstration, however very soon into the protest the police turned up and decided to impose a dispersal onto us under the "Anti Social Behaviour Act", which claims we had to leave the city center for 24 hours and not return with that time-frame.

Activists argued this, stating that holding a legal demonstration is not a form of "anti social behaviour" and thus totally irrelevant from the act, to which then the police claimed we were causing "harassment, alarm and distress" to local workers, we told them that we had not said or displayed anything threatening, abusive or insulting, nor behaved in a disorderly manner, we had not acted in a way which could cause harassment or intimidation and thus asked them to provide us with an example of how we had caused this, to which they couldn't. The police, who continue to incorrectly and unlawfully use these laws, and continue in failing to properly argue their case, this time resorted to responding by telling activists to "shut up" and threatening to arrest us, even pinning one activist up a wall before letting us go. Unfortunatly, the police seemed to be on a power-trip that day, letting their badges get to their heads, however they must remember we are not afraid of these draconian ways and if necessary will fight them through the legal system - which we clearly know more about than they do.

We decided that day that we would contact our solicitors very soon and seek advice on how best to deal with this, and move on to protest against the other targets. We will be back next time to protest against AXA once again, and if this wrongful and unprofessional behaviour continues by the police, then we will once again fight them through the legal system. Remember, unlawful arrests will have to be "compensated" for. ;)

Next up was ICS, activists ran on and their security guards locked up the doors as members of staff from ICS shut their windows and closed their blinds. We reminded them about the cruelty in which they are supporting by having a contract with the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences, who they supply equipment to and told them aslong as they deal with them, they will have to deal with us!

We had plain clothes police arrive as well as other police officers, in which they tried to grab the megaphone away from us (and failed) and even swore at us, more professionals from the west midlands constabulary, clearly. First of all they threatened to arrest us for "trespass", which is only a civil (not criminal) matter, and then they told us we were causing harassment, alarm and distress but when the legislation was quoted to them again and we asked them to tell us how we were breaching the act, they too could not answer us with anything but further indecent language, to which we just find humerous.

Finally we protested against FedEx in Coventry, where earlier in the week activists held a phone bloc against FedEx in which hundreds of people phoned the company and complained to them about their involvement with the vivisection industry. Some FedEx staff members tried to lie about their involvement with the vivisection industry, contradicted themselves and got caught out, we have factual proof that they are providing their services for vivisection companies, some said they "aren`t allowed to talk about it", others were polite, some left people on hold and others slammed the phone down on people, clearly annoyed with all the calls.

Today, to continue the pressure activists surrounded the perimiter of the site and the noise boomed across the whole site. FedEx staff slammed their windows shut and drew their blinds closed, but they cannot escape the truth that their company is providing services for vivisection hell-holes like HLS and we will continue to protest against them until they end their involvement with these several times exposed animal killers.

We then took our protest to the gates of FedEx, giving workers plenty to think about when they left for home. The police have taken to filming activists, which again is rather silly behaviour towards lawful protesters.

On each protest we continue to receive good public support, people were disgusted to hear about who these companies are dealing with, took leaflets and gave us their encouraging words.

We will continue to protest against AXA, ICS and FedEx regardless of the police and their petty, wrongful and unprofessional tactics which will not work against us, until these vivisection collaborators drop their blood-money dealings!

SHAC Midlands


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