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Thursday, 7th July

Today, activists from Portland Animal Defense League and Anti-HLS PDX joined the SHAC Global Customer Campaign by focusing on 2 major shareholders of AstraZeneca (AZ), one of Huntingdon's most exposed large customers. Today's demos were held in solidarity with the Spanish 12.

First up, we decided to visit the downtown Portland offices of Invesco, AZ's second largest shareholder. Upon arrival at the 1000 SW Broadway site, a few compassionate individuals decided to enter the building, visit Invesco's office on the 11th floor and speak to the branch manager. After a few minutes waiting in the office, the activists were met by a concerned manager who took their flyers and agreed to contact Invesco's corporate staff about their company's dealings with AZ and HLS. Satisfied with their encounter, the activists decided to leave.

Outside, the activists were joined by a very loud demo that had already commenced on the street next to the entrance of the building. The protest was in a high traffic area of Portland and many people came out to see what all the commotion was about. Flyers were distributed and members of our group were able to speak to countless concerned people as they passed by. After a productive demo, the activists decided to move on.

Next up, everyone decided to trek about 10 blocks away to the offices of AXA in another highly populated area of downtown at 1 SW Columbia. Once again, some activists entered the building to speak to the employees of AXA about their company's bloody investments in AZ. Upon arrival at the 15th floor, the activists were informed that security had been dispatched and they were quickly escorted out of the building. Luckily, they had already left some flyers for the AXA staff to read during their lunch break earlier in the day. After everyone met back up, another loud demo ensued and more people flooded the streets to see what was happening. Security tried all they could to stop the demo, but the activists knew their rights and continued on. By the time the police
arrived to quiet down the chanting, the demo was nearly over.

AXA and Invesco, it is because of your dirty investments that corrupt pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca continued to pay for murder at HLS. You both claim to care about the earth and environment, but really you only care about the bottom line. Until you cut your ties with AstraZeneca, we will continue to focus on your cruel investments throughout Portland and the NW.


Portland Animal Defense League: PDX_ADL@riseup.net
& Anti-HLS PDX: antihlspdx@gmail.com


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