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Friday, 8th July

Today about 500 animals have been tortured to death inside that hell called HLS. 500 beautiful, clever, sentient innocent animals have been killed in vain in the most offensive ways being poisoned, burned, brain damaged, mutilated or cut open while still alive just for profits, for the big international drug companies like AstraZeneca to be able to pass their drugs onto the market.

Today we started the demos outside Axa UK HQ offices at 5 Old Broad Street London EC2N 1AD, a large equity and institutional shareholder of the discredited pharma AstraZeneca, to name and shame them for investing in the barbaric, immoral, unscientific, useless and vicious business of animal experimentation. We had a loud demo naming some of the AstraZeneca’s drug failures which had to be withdrawn from the market for being linked to acute health problems and/or killing thousands or patients: Crestor, Encanaide, Flecainite, Exanta, Seroquel, Galida, Iressa and Zimeldine. We wonder why AstraZeneca doesn’t publish the above information on their website/s. You know well AstraZeneca that you will never cure anybody with cancer, respiratory illness, infectious disease, heart disease or mental illness by testing your drugs on animals. You just make money out of ill people, all you want is to make money by selling long term treatments that will never cure anybody but will give you enormous profits.

Then we decided to move onto Axa Investment Managers at 7 Newgate Street London EC1A 7NX to remember them to stop lying to their costumers regarding their so called “ethical policy” and to stop investing in animal experimentation by selling their blood money shares in AstraZenca once and for all. We gave away many leaflets and we got the support from many people passing by.

After a break we carried on protesting, this time outside Legal & General offices at 1 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5AA, a large equity shareholder of AstraZeneca and of course included in the blacklist in Charity Finance’s Funds Management Survey 2009 for investing in cluster bombs, so we named them and shamed them very loudly of their investment in both animal and human torture and murder making sure all the neighboring companies knew what they are involved with.

We are going to continue naming you and shaming you for as long as may be necessary until you do the right thing and sell your blood money shares in AstraZeneca.

Until all are free.

SHAC London


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