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Friday, 10th June

Activists arrived outside of Axa in Birmingham City Centre again today to hold another protest against the company because of their shares in AstraZeneca who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We shamed them for their unethical dealings with AZ and HLS, both of which are large-scale vivisection companies who have been exposed time and time again for routine horrific animal cruelty and scientific fraudulence.

Members of the public continue to become more aware and they shown us their support by watching our protest, talking to us about the campaign, taking leaflets and giving us their words of encouragement. The public are on our side, Axa!

Axa claim to be an "ethical company", who have ethics in their stances and have even boasted about their dealings with the RSPCA in the past. If they really care about ethics in the slightest then they would not be dealing with the vivisection industry which every day tortures thousands of animals in horrific experiments where animal's skulls are cut open, pipes are forced down their throats, gas masks are fitted to their faces, poisonous substances are forced into their eyes, skin and flesh, body parts are dismembered, and they are brutally murdered in order to make products that are all useless and some even dangerous which go on to make ill and kill humans alike. Clearly, Axa, you are just lying and rather than being ethical you are choosing to try to make money out of suffering. Until you stop dealing with vivisection companies like AZ and HLS we will continue to shame your business and inform the public about your dirty dealings.

Next we moved on to demonstrate against Industrial Cooling Systems (ICS), who have a contract of supplying equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences, who have been exposed by undercover investigators from TV-crews, Newspaper journalists and Animal Rights groups many times and every time extreme animal cruelty and scientific fraudulence has been seen.

Quickly into the demonstration, security guards rushed to lock up the main entrance again and stand guard by the doors and windows watching us. A loud demonstration continued where protesters continue to urge ICS to end their contract with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

We were watched by multiple members of the building from various different companies, whilst a few others from around the area approached us to find out more and take leaflets.

The police later came with all sirens blaring, where security guards moaned at them about the demo taking place and so the police officers decided to use bully tactics and physically removed us from the site. This will not stop us though, and we'll be back again soon to protest against ICS until they get some morals and drop HLS!

FedEx, the third company on the receiving end of regular SHAC protests here in the Midlands because of their ties with the vivisection industry (providing their services to companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences, Harlan Breeders and Primate Products), have been deploying all manner of tactics to try to stop the protests.

The bosses of FedEx have had meetings with the police about the protests, where they even tried to lie to them by saying they aren't dealing with any vivisection companies. However we have factual evidence to prove this, and the police were put back in the picture, and they sure didn't seem happy to know that FedEx have tried to lie to them!

Whilst one FedEx office has had all new CCTV cameras, alarm systems and other expensive equipment fitted, another FedEx office has been asking police to patrol the local area looking for activists and even paid for a private security firm to have their security guards patrol the site.

However we still managed to slip passed them all, we were faster and so then quickly acquired our usual position at the top of FedEx's building, where we shamed them for dealing with companies like HLS, Harlan and Primate Products and as another surprise we also unfurled a banner in multiple places at the top which read "FedEx Profit From Animal Torture".

Further into the protest the police turned up in a collection of vehicles again, and then imposed a Section 68 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order act on some of the activists, banning them from entering FedEx's site for 3 months. But protesters will see you again as usual, FedEx!

There is no justification for dealing with the vivisection industry, and as long as Axa, ICS and FedEx are dealing with companies like AstraZeneca, HLS, Harlan and Primate Products then all that will be made from it are stress and losses!

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