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Monday, 13th June

On Monday, activists from New York’s WAR, New Jersey’s FAUN and Pennsylvania’s Animal ACTivists of Philly, gathered at the Atlantic City Convention Center to protest the conference of the New Jersey Association for Biomedical Research. Ironically, their conference was called "Enrichment Extravaganza"...and topics included ‘Does Positive Reinforcement Training Really Work?’, ‘Enrichment in a Tox Environment’, ‘Rodent Enrichment: Promoting Natural Behaviors’ and ‘Enrichment for Mini-pigs’.

Activists set up their picket line at a busy street corner near the Convention Center. This high traffic corner allowed activists to do outstanding educational outreach. Staff from the nearby Sheraton Hotel came out to chat with protesters and promised to let their neighbors at the convention center know how unhappy they were to find that they were hosting puppy killers and animal abusers.

This conference was attended by several Huntingdon Life Sciences customers including Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Merck and was sponsored (underwritten) by laboratory animal breeder, Marshall Farms. Also in attendance was a representative of the notorious Primate Products, target of the South Florida Smash HLS campaigners and long standing primate abusers from Yerkes National Primate Research Center.

The irony of the day was best exemplified by their selection of the equally notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences to receive an award called the “Enrichment Rising Star” award. I guess a company that punches beagle puppies in the face and cuts open monkeys that are still alive doesn’t have to do very much to improve. Perhaps they have increased the amount of sawdust in their cold concrete dog runs from one handful to two handfuls.

If these vile vivisectors are concerned about enriching the lives of laboratory animals, they should stop torturing, mutilating, poisoning and murdering them. Activists say that they look forward to the next NJABR display of brazen audacity and heartless cruelty.


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