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Thursday, 16th June

The day started off wet, but that didn't deter activists from going to Axa's UK HQ offices at Old Broad Street in London and once more continue to highlight the animal cruelty, abuse and human suffering Axa are involved in by investing in the vivisection industry.

Tens of millions animals are tortured to death, millions of people suffer adverse drug side effects and 200,000 people die across the EU because of companies like Axa, AstraZeneca and HLS, who continue to promote a scientific lie based on greed and corruption.

And while Axa continue to fund and support the discredited AstraZeneca, we will be on their doorsteps - naming and shaming - those companies involved in the financial support of these unethical, torturous companies. After about an hour we moved on to another Axa office, this time Axa Investment Managers at 7 Newgate Street, near St Pauls, to denounce their blood-money investment and profiteering for animal abuse and human suffering. We gave out many leaflets to the passing public and protested outside their entrance during the late lunchtime period.

We have asked Axa to explain why they lie about their ethical status, why they continue to lie about their so-called animal welfare status with the RSPCA and while you ignore us, we will make it our duty to highlight companies like yours at every opportunity.

On this vein, we decided to go and visit an Axa sponsored and hosted conference at London's Swissotel The Howard near Temple tube, this conference was for insurance professionals and we were able to highlight Axa's involvement with AstraZeneca and HLS at two of their workshops before leaving the conference. You can not run and you can not hide Axa! Pull out of the animal abusing vivisection industry and sell your shares in AstraZeneca!

Remember, AstraZeneca are a company that tortures thousands of animals at HLS in cruel, misleading experiments - HLS are the most exposed animal lab in the world - AZ have suppressed test data on the side effects of their drugs, are under investigation in the USA, have been raided by the European Commission for colluding to keep cheap drugs off the market. The pharmaceutical vivisection industry are responsible for many deaths and until you become a more ethical company and stop involving yourselves in this bloody disgrace we will NEVER stop, until all are free.

We care so much more about stopping animal abuse than you do about your filthy, blood-money profits.

SHAC London



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