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Friday, 17th June

Armed with an array of campaign materials activists today held more demonstrations against midlands targets involved with vivisection, we had all the usual gear as well as some new banners and also the good company of a SHAC rabbit! More loud, angry, visual and focused protests were held today against companies Axa, Industrial Cooling Systems and FedEx.

First we arrived outside of Axa in Birmingham City Center for another protest against the company who has shares in AstraZeneca who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. AZ and HLS are multi-national vivisection companies who have been exposed time and time again for routine animal cruelty and scientific fraudulence, and Axa (who claims to be an "ethical" company) is involved with them in trying to make money out of the suffering and murder of thousands of lives every year through the vile vivisection industry.

We continue to expose Axa to the public, who continue to show their support by watching our protests, talking to us about the campaign, taking leaflets and giving us their words of support. The people in the city center are becoming increasingly aware about Axa's blood money dealings with AZ and HLS, and many know that vivisection is both cruel and unscientific.

As the demonstration continued, Axa's staff could be seen looking out of the windows again as their security guards on the ground floor decided to lock up their main entrance thus blocking people from using it and using a discreet side entrance in order to let people in, however it was not so discreet that SHACtivists couldn't notice it! We continued our protest by surrounding the building which although all on public land, appeared to annoy them so much they tried to steal the megaphone from lawful campaigners. As they attempted to keep hold of the megaphone by telling us we "couldn't have it back" and slamming the side door shut, we decided to rush around the front where, after realising their silly idea of hoping we wouldn't notice the use of a side entrance had failed, had been reopened and so we rightfully entered in order to continue to ask for our property back which they had since broken. As we continued to ask for our property it annoyed them even more, however we knew that they had took our megaphone without lawful manner and so we had every right to ask for it back, but in doing so, they responded by heavy-handedly pushing and shoving activists and raising their fists at us. One activist then managed to retrieve the megaphone back from the guard in possession, and as the steam was hissing out of their ears, the guard responded by grabbing and strangling the activist in the neck however whilst being recorded decided to let go in order to next try to steal a phone, which was soon given back had their unlawful and heavy-handed actions been recorded by others as well!

Members of the public gasped in shock and disgust as they seen how the security guards had reacted so violently today towards lawful protesters. Later that day, after many discussions with the police, the staff then had to pay out £50 in order to purchase us a new megaphone! Thanks for the fun and thanks for the present!

We then moved on to protest against Industrial Cooling Systems, where their security guards as per usual rushed to lock the main entrance and watch us very closely. We continued to demonstrate in shaming ICS for their unethical dealings in supplying Huntingdon Life Sciences with equipment.

Staff from companies inside could be seen watching the protest as it continued, and other people from the area who'd came to the building spoke to us about ICS and HLS, after hearing about the horrific cruelty that HLS staff have been seen inflicting on animals inside their hell-hole multiple times over as well as the falsification of test data in order to push dangerous products onto the market that HLS and vivisection companies alike are responsible for, they told us to keep up the good work and that they hope ICS discontinue their involvement with Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Finally, we headed over to FedEx in order to protest against them for providing their services to companies like HLS, Harlan and Primate Products. Upon arrival, the place looked like a compound rather than an office, with the police now also acting as private security on-site and all around for FedEx.

But we came today with the intention of exposing them to the public anyway in order to raise awareness about FedEx's involvement with those sadistic companies, and so held our protest by the busy main road where many passing members of the public beeped their cars in support of the protest whilst others came up to us to talk all about it.

We also walked around the perimeter of the site and shamed FedEx for their involvement with these terrible companies, as staff could be seen watching us from inside the building, doing this also gave us the chance to then speak to neighbours who live close-by to FedEx. They were in total agreement with us, took leaflets and said they were disgusted at FedEx for who they are being involved with.

We protested at the main gates as well, which was heavily guarded and kept closed by the police and other security staff and only opened when people - not including us ;) - wanted to enter or exit. FedEx staff driving inside their vehicles received an earful and were reminded about the atrocity of the vivisection industry which they are currently a part of.

The police spoke to us, saying that they were unhappy at previously being lied to by FedEx bosses over their dealings with these companies and appreciated that activists kept them in the picture about the factual evidence which shows FedEx are indeed involved with them.

FedEx, like many businesses may try to use lie after lie about vivisection and their part in it, but activists use information and further more act upon the truth and this they cannot escape.

We use a diverse range of tactics, FedEx, as we are sure you are becoming aware. We will continue to pressure your company and expose you to the public just like we do with any other company who is involved with torturing and murdering innocent lives and trying to make money out of it. Believe us, as long as you deliver for them, we will deliver the SHAC treatment to you!

Vivisection businesses call their "work" academic, they call it science, they call it vital. We know it is fraudulent, unscientific and dangerous. Every year thousands of lives are taken by the vivisection industry through their horrific experiments and useless products, some of which being dangerous. Every species reacts differently, which is precisely why vivisection does not work. Companies who have scientific and medical progress in their interests choose to be involved with businesses who use other methods of experimentation that do not involve torture and murder, which vivisectors have already admitted safer and more efficient. Micro-dosing, cell-cultures, molecular-methods, computer models and many more, these methods relate to humans rather than the different species used in vivisection.

Until Axa, ICS and FedEx end their involvement with the despicable companies they are involved with, including AstraZeneca, Huntingdon Life Sciences, Harlan and Primate Products, they can be sure to see more of us.

SHAC Midlands



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