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Friday, 24th June

Activists took to the streets of London again today, to let the investors of HLS know that they will continue to be targetted whilst they persist in funding the abuse and murder happening inside the labs.

The day started with a visit to Invesco at 5 Finsbury Square who were named and shamed for their involvement with AstraZeneca once again. Protestors held placards depicting the truth of the vivisection industry and talked about Invesco's support of the world's most notorious animal testing laboratory and AZ to concerned members of the public.

Take this as a message Invesco, you will never silence the campaign against you whilst you're responsibile for the murder of hundreds of innocent individuals each day - do the right thing and tell AZ to cut their ties with HLS or sell your shares.

After hearing about the disgusting and illegal repression of our fellow animal liberation activists in Spain, we joined other activists for a large demonstration outside the Spanish Embassy in Central London. We gave out many leaflets and even managed to talk to several workers at the embassy who were very interested to know why we were there. Our 12 brave friends in Spain are an inspriration to us all.

Activists then visited AXA Investment Managers at 7 Newgate Street right in the Heart of the City. Megaphones and AXA's rather excitable security (getting confused by their own revolving door) made this a great demo. As normal thehundreds of passers-by in this busy part of London gave us loads of support and we made sure AXA were left in no doubt that if they continue to hold a major share holding in AstraZeneca, with all the influence that entails, they will be a target of SHAC protests.

We then decided to visit another AXA site about a mile away, this time AXA's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street. They didn't seem to be expecting us and the buildings security were soon closing the huge doors whilst locking many members of staff from other companies in the building in the process. Lots of questions were asked by passers-by and megaphones were used to inform AXA's staff of their company's failure when it comes to coporate ethics. They have a clear responsibility to stop whatever injustice, pain and suffering they can. AXA Policy Holders and Staff have a right to know what AXA is up to. Allowing AstraZeneca to conduct horrific tests inside HLS is something that they simply cannot let continue with their tacit support. They have the power to stop it, so if they don't it is simply their fault if it continues.

As the day drew to a close we thought we would pay one last visit to another large share holder of AstraZeneca, Legal & General, 1 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5AA. It was closing time for L&G so we were able to inform many of their members of staff about their involvement with AZ and HLS as they left for the day. Many asked what they could do personally about L&G's lack of corporate ethics. We were able to give them advice as to ways of bring up the suject of morality in business with their bosses and we tried to illustrate how important the complaints of staff members are to creating a more ethical company. It is clear that neither AXA or Legal & General need AstraZeneca and their staff are far more important to them. So every complaint about their involvement with the sick company AstraZeneca the closer we are to saving those animals inside HLS.

A great day out on the street fighting for the animals inside HLS.

SHAC London



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