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Friday, 24th June

Activists arrived outside of Axa once again to protest against them because of their shares in AstraZeneca who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Both AZ and HLS are multi-national vivisection companies that take the lives of thousands every year inside their torture laboratories through their horrific experiments and through the useless products they release some of which being dangerous.

We shamed Axa for their unethical involvement with these companies and soon into the demonstration members from various companies inside the building and other surrounding buildings could be seen watching the protest. We noticed that Axa's security guards have now more than doubled in number and they have also invested in some cheap yellow ear plugs (that don't really work), it would seem that whilst Axa has no sense in ethics their security guards have every sense in style... they go well with their scrunched up faces. ;)

Members of the public as always continue to be disgusted to hear about who and what Axa are involved with, and show us their support by taking leaflets and giving us their words of encouragement.

Axa try to lie that they are an "ethical" company, and have even boasted about dealings with the RSPCA. Whilst Axa makes false claims to being a moral company, they never talk about their blood money dealings with AZ and HLS, so we added two SHAC placards onto the St Phillips Point building in order to show what ethics and morals their company has... none. They can try to hide their ties with these despicable companies but we will continue to shame Axa and inform people about all this.

Next we moved on to protest against Industrial Cooling Systems because they continue to have a contract in supplying equipment to the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences, where horrific animal cruelty, terrible and sloppy procedures, law breaking and data falsification are as prominent in the company as their debts.

Earlier in the week, we organised a phone bloc against ICS in which many people from all over the country got in touch with them to complain.

Upon our arrival, security guards rushed to lock up the entrance as ICS slammed their windows shut and closed their blinds.

We shamed them for their involvement with HLS, and continue to question them why they would want to be involved with a company that is extremely unethical, extremely unscientific and are barely able to stay open.

Finally we headed over to protest against FedEx because they provide their services to companies like Huntingdon Life Sciences, Harlan and Primate Products.

Their site continues to look like a compound, with private security guards and the police also acting as security guards for FedEx; rather an over-the-top attitude towards lawful protesters, but we have plenty more surprises for FedEx, though.

We reminded FedEx about the cruelty that goes on inside these companies, and shamed them as they drove home giving them plenty to think about.

We will continue to campaign to bring an end to the vivisection industry, where animals are kept in disgusting conditions, are treated very horribly by staff and are forced into agonising experiments before being murdered in the name of money and as long as Axa, ICS and FedEx are involved with this despicable industry, they can expect us.

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