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Saturday, 25th June

The campaign against AirFrance lab animal trade hit the streets of Milano, Italy and got great visibility.

Newly re-formed SHAC Italia joined the campaign against Air France/ KLM and took part in a visual demo in the heart of the city, just 100 metres from the Duomo, and informed thousands of tourists on the atrocities committed on innocent animals in vivisection labs.

Four activists were in small net cages symbolising those used by trappers for macaques in Mauritius, while two more were prisoners in metal cages on blood-stained blankets, with the names of 2 famous primate labs in Milano, symbolising the animals after they reach the labs.

Early, in the week SHAC Italia started a campaign against TEVA (they have one office in Milan), this one was the first time since 2003, that SHAC returned to Italia and made few "new friends" and together sent over 200 emails to TEVA asking them to cut their business with HLS and to invest into alternative.

SHAC Italia: info@shac-italia.com - www.shac-italia.com/



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