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Tuesday 28th June

We are now hitting vivisection collaborators AXA, ICS and FedEx in the Midlands on different days as today these companies again received loud, visual and focused demonstrations outside their offices.

First we arrived outside of AXA, who have shares in AstraZeneca who are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Both of these companies have been exposed multiple times; these businesses are responsible for mass horrific animal cruelty, data falsification, law breaking and dangerous drugs leading to more human deaths every year.

They weren't expecting us today at AXA, and upon our arrival they all looked even more displeased to see us than usual.

We shamed AXA, whom even though claim to be an "ethical" company, know all about what goes on inside those torture laboratories where animals are kept inside small cages amongst filthy conditions, are abused and tormented daily by staff and forced to undergo agonising experiments where they are mutilated, poisoned and gassed in order to make products that many of which go on to take more lives. AXA lies about being "ethical" just like vivisectors lie about their work being "scientific".

We continue to highlight the cruelty and fraudulence in which AXA are supporting and inform people about their lies, and in doing so we continue to receive lots of public support. Members of the public were as usual horrified to hear about what AXA are involved with, they gave us their words of support and shown their disgust to AXA by some even joining in with the protesting for a while!

Next stop was ICS, who were also taken by suprise in not expecting us that day. Upon our arrival, security guards were more "off guard" than on it, we began the protest and they rushed to lock the doors and keep a close watch from inside as ICS slammed their windows shut and closed the blinds.

We spread out and thus expanded the noise across the whole building. We told ICS they ought to be ashamed of themselves for having a contract in supplying equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the most exposed laboratory in the world where 500 animals are tortured and murdered every day and staff have been seen punching beagle puppies in the face and even enjoying torturing animals, laughing in their faces as they scream in agony.

Finally we moved on to protest against FedEX, who provide their services for vivisection companies such as HLS, Harlan and Primate Products.

They've used their own security guards, and failed. They've paid for private security guards, and failed. They've even had the police acting as private security for them, and they've still failed. We turned up today and wanted to protest against FedEx from all areas, they - like AXA and ICS, were totally oblivious to the protest in which was about to happen with no one present waiting for us.

We fooled them all and when activists arrived at FedEx today we then divided ourselves into smaller groups so that we could protest against FedEx from all areas. One group went onto FedEx's site once again where we protested at their doors which were then locked up by their own security guards who stood closely from inside to watch us and we then ran around their whole site shaming the company, another group had positioned themselves at the perimiter of the site and unfurlled a banner by the busy main road and the third group took to the main gates in order to protest against those who soon began leaving FedEx's office for home.

Members of the public came and spoke to us about the protest, and were disgusted to hear about who FedEx are involved with. Those driving passed gave us their words of support and beeped their horns.

We then regrouped at the main gates in order to give more FedEx workers plenty to think about as they left for home.

Until AXA, ICS and FedEx end their involvement with animal torture, we will continue to protest against them, pressure their companies and inform people about their blood-money dealings.

SHAC Midlands



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