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Friday, 3rd June

Activists arrived outside of Axa again today to stage another protest against them for their involvement with AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences. Axa are a large equity shareholder of AstraZeneca, who in turn are a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Both AZ and HLS are multi-national vivisection companies who have been exposed many times for extreme animal cruelty and scientific fraudulence.

We continue to shame Axa for their unethical dealings, telling them it makes no sense to be involved with vivisection companies, not ethically, scientifically or from a business perspective because they are struggling financially and because of the campaigners everywhere who take action regularly against these vile companies and any other business who chooses to be involved with them.

We also carry on exposing them to the public, who again today gathering in regular flocks of crowds to watch our protest, speak to us about the campaign, take leaflets and give us their support. The public are disgusted with Axa, and as our protests carry on Axa's reputation will only get worse!

Next up we demonstrated against Industrial Cooling Systems. Upon our arrival the security guards had to lock up the main entrance to the whole building and closely stand guard from inside the building watching our every move.

We told ICS who had, on this scorching hot day closed their windows and shut their blinds that as long as they supply equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences, whom torture and kill 500 animals every day and have been seen punching puppies in the face then they can expect heated situations.

Finally we moved on to protest against a FedEx office in Coventry. We ran straight up the stairs at the side of the building where we were able to protest from all different heights. They locked their doors, shut their windows and closed their blinds but they couldn't block out the truth and because of how angry we are just like all other companies they could not escape our protesting.

Adding to the heat inside the offices from closed windows and steaming heads, we heard that their air-conditioning wasn't working too.

Members of the public came to watch our protest, speak to us and give us their words of support. Some of them took leaflets and said they would get involved with the campaign whilst a few others even gave us drinks, joined in with the protest and shared their disgust at FedEx for being involved with vivisection companies.

We've also received interest from the local press who are going to be reporting on the actions.

We then headed back to the bottom of the building and the security guards had to lock up their main entrance as we spread ourselves out around the site, sending a clear message to them like we do with all our targets that there is no justification for who and what they are involved with and until their cut their ties with companies like HLS they can expect us!

SHAC Midlands


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