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Thursday, 30th June

We continued today with our message to AstraZeneca, a major current customer of HLS and to name and shame them for their involvement in gross animal abuse and human suffering.

We started off our demos in Kensington, at the Drug Transporters Conference the venue of which was the Millennium Copthorne Tara hotel, Scarsdale Place, London W8 5SR. With activists walking into the hotel and into the Shannon Suite where an AstraZeneca speaker was nearing the end of his talk. We reminded AstraZeneca that their involvement with HLS will not be tolerated and told the conference goers, including other HLS customers like Abbott, Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi that we will never stop our protests against them while they continue to use HLS.

Activists then continued their protest outside the main front entrance of the hotel letting hotel staff and visitors know about the conference, HLS and the Copthorne Tara for allowing these conferences at their hotel. Let this be a reminder that we will not stop or go away and any company involved with the vivisection industry and HLS can except protests against them. We will not stop until you pull out or HLS closes.

Activists then moved onto the Spanish Embassy to meet up with others where they showed their solidarity for the Spanish activists that were arrested in raids in Spain last week. A loud demo was held with speeches about standing firm against state repression of animal rights activists, as an attack on one is an attack against all. We called on the Spanish government to immediately release the reminding 3 prisoners and to investigate the cruelty that these same imprisoned activists have catalogued and stop protecting cruel companies that abuse animals.

We then moved into the city to AstraZeneca shareholder, Axa and went to their UK HQ offices at 5 Old Broad Street, London. Where as usual, all the main doors were closed straight after we arrived. What have you got to be shy about Axa? It's time to stand up and be counted, it's time to stop investing in animal abuse and scientific fraud, it's time to actually get a 'proper' ethical policy, one that means something. While Axa and other shareholders of AstraZeneca continued to make money from animal torture at AstraZeneca and HLS we will not let up.

SHAC London


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