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Thursday, 9th June

On Thursday morning activists from the Greek antispeciest group, Antispe, visited the offices of the corrupt pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca, located in Maroussi, Theotokopoulou 4 & Astronafton 151 25.

It was the first demo that had been held outside of Astrazeneca's offices in Greece.

The response from the public was good, whilst at the same time the employees seemed to be curious about what we were saying on the megaphone. We were handing out leaflets about AstraZeneca's investment and informing the public of the abuse AZ funds at HLS.

We also let AstraZeneca's neighbours know about some of Astrazeneca’s drug failures - drugs which were tested on animals. We referred to Crestor, which is manufactured by AstraZeneca. Reports in the summer of 2005 linked Crestor with double the rate of harmful side effects than comparable drugs, and six times the rate of some similar treatments.

We also mentioned Exanta, AstraZeneca's blood thinner that was responsible for the deaths of a number of patients. Exanta was found to cause liver damage and AZ were forced to withdraw it. It was unclear whether the ‘rapid onset’ of liver disease was linked to deaths in clinical trials - but it doesn't take a scientist to see the connection.

AstraZeneca you're a disgusting company. We will continue naming and shaming you outside of your offices across the world until you stop using HLS and get some ethics!


Contact to get involved: antispe@webmail.co.za



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