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Friday, 11th March

Activists returned to Axa today to continue the pressure against their Birmingham branch.

A very loud and visual demonstrated ensued, in which Axa were once again exposed to the public and shamed for their shares in AstraZeneca, a major customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences - two multi-national vivisection companies that are responsible for horrific animal cruelty and fraudulence. The kinds of despicable acts seen inside these concentration camps are the kinds that belong in the dark ages, the kinds you'd see in horror movies - only for those locked up it is a reality. Every day hundreds of animals are forcefully subjected to suffer in agonising and useless experiments in which they are maimed, mutilated and finally murdered. This needs to be sent to the history books.

With an array of placards, banner, plenty of leaflets, megaphone and plenty of all round rantin' and chantin', Axa really felt the pressure today and it shown on their faces. Once again people from inside the building could be seen watching the protest, and many people stopped in the city center to watch too and find out more. Lots of leaflets were handed out and people as usual gave their support for us and the campaign, and after learning about just what and who Axa is involved with, some even joined in with the shouting against them!

We showed our anger and determination again today against Axa, and until they drop their blood money ties with AstraZeneca and Huntingdon Life Sciences we will continue to be an angry scene right on their doorstep.

Next we headed over to Tamworth, to demonstrate against Ocean Finance in order to keep up the regular pressure there too. Ocean Finance are a subsidiary of Fortress, the company responsible for lending Huntingdon Life Sciences a blood money loan (that they cannot even pay back) of up to $70 million dollars.

Like we did at Axa, we shamed them for their unethical dealings and exposed them to more members of the public, many of which were passing by on the busy roads or going to/coming from the local services, horns were bibbed and others voiced their support for us and the campaign.

There are animals screaming, tortured and murdered inside Huntingdon Life Sciences and we will not rest until this hell-hole is closed down, we will continue the regular actions against both of these companies until they 100% make the right choice, to ditch the animal killers!

SHAC Midlands


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