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Friday, 11th March

The Los Angeles Fortress office saw their third demo in a week on Friday afternoon.  Protesters gathered with three bullhorns to continue educating the public about Fortress’ ties to HLS.  Activists also handed out over 100 leaflets describing the cruelty funded by Fortress, as interested pedestrians stopped to ask questions.  Motorists honked in support, and also pulled over to grab flyers.  Activists were also given thumbs up and words of encouragement from individuals entering the MGM Tower and neighboring office buildings, and a supportive police officer told one activist that if he were not in uniform, he would join the protest too!

Only two weeks into the Los Angeles campaign against Fortress, and the animals already have your community on their side.  Fortress, it’s time to do what’s right, and stop funding this blatant animal cruelty.  Earn back the respect of your neighbors and fellow MGM tenants, the people you ride the elevator with and run into on your coffee breaks.  Earn the respect of anyone with compassion for animals by divesting from HLS now. we need REAL proof, not empty rhetoric.

Until you do, rest assured that protests will continue.

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.


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