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Saturday, 12th March

Saturday afternoon, protests continued at Fortress executives' neighborhoods.

First stop was Ian Schnider's, a Managing Director at Fortress who continues to convince his family and neighbors he has no responsibility for the deaths of 500 animals every day. Ian, you are very wrong. Every dollar of Fortress' loan to HLS directly funds the death of an innocent primate, rat, bunny, dog or cat. Fortress' blood money purchases the torturing equipment and employs the murderers inside HLS. As you sit comfortably in your house, in your secluded neighborhood, an animal is murdered every 3 minutes because you paid for her to die. Even as your neighbors try (and fail) to deter protests, we stand strong and we are not backing down until Fortress' actually divests.

Protestors then moved on to Jared Cohen's neighborhood, Fortress Analyst and another accomplice to murder. There was much commotion in the neighborhood as to why we were there. Some reacted in outrage towards HLS and Fortress Investment (the normal, compassionate response). And some were ignorant and were angered with free speech and protests. However, as we told Schnider's neighbors, we aren't backing down until the killing stops. The profit you rake in from HLS is another innocent animal born into enslavement and condemned to death. Your loan, your fault.

Until every cage is empty and HLS is shut down!

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.


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