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Monday, 14th March

About twenty activists gathered in front of Schering Plough's French offices in La Défense, an important business center. Schering Plough is a client of HLS, once again they were asked to stop all their links with the infamous lab. Without their clients, HLS would have closed a long time ago.

It as been a while since we had seen nice weather during a demo, the sky was clear and we could really enjoy the beginning of spring, it was encouraging.

Passersby and Schering Plough's employees could see our big banners “Lâchez HLS” (Dump HLS) and “Cette entreprise gagne de l'argent sur la souffrance des animaux.” (This company earns money from the suffering of animals.), we held up posters revealing graphic images of vivisection. Many leaflets about animal testing were given out. Megaphones were on constantly from the beginning of the demo until the end.

We spoke about HLS but also about the lack of justification for animal experiments. We spend a long time chanting slogans like “Lâchez HLS” (Dump HLS), “Ton argent, ta faute !” (Your money, your fault !), “Tous complices, tous coupables ! (You are accomplices, you are all guilty !), “Justice pour les animaux !” (Justice for the animals !), “Du sang sur vos mains !” (Blood on your hands !), and obviously “Schering Plough assassins !” (Schering Plough murderers !). And in case they couldn't hear the message (but we really doubt it !), we stuck SHAC's posters on the windows of the offices which were at our level, so they would see what they are responsible for : a puppy's murder in Huntingdon Life Sciences. The woman behind her computer screen didn't seem at ease at all (who could be in her situation, being reminded of the animal abuse her company pays for?!). Everyone in the area could hear us, some people stopped to say that they agreed with us and thought animal testing was disgusting. Some passers by even decided to join our group after meeting us by chance!

Contact for Schering Plough in France:

Schering Plough SAS
34 avenue Léonard de Vinci
92400 Courbevoie, France
Phone number : 00 33 (0)1 41 06 35 88

If you want to participate in a demo in Paris please contact: info@cav.asso.fr


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