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Friday, 18th March

Friday’s demonstration at the Fortress office got off to a great start, when a couple traveling from Hungary asked to join the protest while waiting for their bus.  The husband asked a lot of questions about HLS and Fortress, and wished activists good luck when the couple had to leave.  A worker from the mall across the street also asked to hold a sign while she waited at the bus stop after work.  Activists were well received by the public, and passed out over 250 leaflets describing Fortress’ relationship with HLS.

After more than three hours of protesting, an LAPD officer, who repeatedly informed protesters that he had a “migraine”, attempted to end the protest.  The officer falsely claimed that all protests in Los Angeles require a permit, and that voices must not be heard over FIFTY feet - whether megaphones are used or not.  An attorney was called immediately, who then contacted the officer’s watch commander.  The watch commander confirmed what activists already knew - the officer was lying to them.  When asked why they’ve never been told to have a permit before, the officer responded, “I don’t know.  Maybe that cop didn’t have a migraine that day.”

The campaign is still solid in LA - no false claims of divestment, and certainly no cranky cops will deter activists from this fight.

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.



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