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Saturday, 19th March

It was an eventful weekend for Los Angeles animal activists. Demos continued on Saturday afternoon to pressure Fortress executives to reveal legal documents proving divestment.

Activists equipped with a few megaphones, a large banner and graphic signs visited the quaint neighborhood on Mulholland (Ian Schnider's) once again to demand that Fortress' ties to HLS be proven severed. Schnider's son, Greg (not George as falsely told to activists before) videotaped and photographed protestors to try and intimidate us. However, we are relentless to shut down this dirty lab called HLS and their cameras do not deter us from that goal. Due to activists' presence, several neighbors came out asking about Fortress and HLS and a Los Angeles PD helicopter circled overhead for the last minutes of the demonstration.

On Monday morning, activists received an email with a document from Fortress (New York HQ) Managing Director, Richard Staropoli, stating that Fortress has already completely cut ties with Huntingdon and provided an official letterhead dated January 3, 2011 to back such assertions. Los Angeles activists were aware of this foggy claim months ago, but there was no attempt until now to reach out to activists in LA and prove their divestment (the main reason why demonstrations continued).

In addition to the pdf document, a few contacts were provided to try and further prove that Fortress has indeed cut their ties with HLS. But because of Fortress' past lies and deception activists need much more from Fortress to prove this.

It is firmly back in your ball park Fortress, the rest is up to you...

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.



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