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Wednesday, 2nd March

Today, was another day of action against AstraZeneca's equity shareholders in London, all these companies effectively part own AstraZeneca and have a great deal of influence on them.

Activists started the day early by going to the Invesco's offices at 30 Finsbury Square before the advertised demos started an hour later.

Invesco are the second largest equity shareholder of Astrazeneca with over 70 million shares, so we decided to visit their offices at 30 Finsbury Square, London, EC2A 1AG (Tel: 020 7065 4000) to tell them what we think of them investing in animal abuse at HLS... Activists strolled into their reception and named and shamed Invesco for their blood money dealings with AstraZeneca, they continued the protest outside with a great deal of interest from the employees and passers by, many probably not even aware of their company's links with animal abuse and torture at HLS. We continued our loud protest at the entrance to the offices until it was time to join others at the allotted meeting up point for other demos.

After meeting up with other activists, we headed to Legal & General's offices at 1 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5AA (Tel:020 3124 3000 and 0800 027 7169) as they are another major AstraZeneca equity shareholder with nearly 60 million shares. A member of staff rushed out and tried to make us believe that L&G weren't in their offices (this despite a very large L&G logo on the reception wall - LoL), what have they got to hide we wonder? L&G's security stopped everybody going into the building without looking at their id cards and many people were delayed getting into the building - all because L&G think it's ok to fund animal abuse. Many workers looked down on us from the glass offices while we continued to name and shame their company and many flyers were handed out during a busy lunchtime. It's time for the financial sector to realise that if they invest or fund any company to do with AstraZeneca or HLS then we will be on their doorstep, making sure everyone knows about your unethical ties to systematic animal abuse and torture inside HLS.

Next stop was back to Invesco (as we didn't want them to feel left out), and once again activists strolled back into their offices with our very our version of meet 'n' greet and then continued a loud and focused protest all around their building, while Invesco staff had their blinds put down and some their meetings moved or stopped early because of our presence. The five police vehicles and many officers just added to the visualness of the demo and the response from Invesco will certainly make Invesco a popular demo target until they dump their AZ shares or get AZ to dump HLS.

Then it was back into the city to the fist of two Axa offices. (Axa hold over 70 million equity and institutional shares in AstraZeneca). Activists once again went to Axa's UK HQ at 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1AD (Tel: 020 7920 5900) and with the help of security we went up into the building in their posh glass lift to name and shame Axa throughout the building before continuing a short protest outside before moving on.

A quick journey later and activists arrived at Axa Investor Managers, 7 Newgate Street London, EC1A 7NX (Tel: 020 7003 1000) to wake up their offices with our chanting and reminded Axa that it's not that hard to do the right thing, after all Axa got rid of their HLS shares, so we know they can do it and we're asking them to get rid of their shares in the discredited AstraZeneca or get AstraZeneca to dump HLS. But until you do, we'll continue to be a thorn in your corporate side and there will be no peace in the city while companies invest and deal in AstraZeneca and HLS.

SHAC London



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