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Monday, 21st March

Relentless activists prepared to protest despite the threat of rain on Monday afternoon, and were even more energized when the sky cleared up just in time, and offered them perfect weather.  Activists stood strong despite recent claims by Fortress that they have divested from HLS.  Fortress, you have made these claims before, and protests will continue until you produce some solid proof.

Before the protest, a man saw one activist walking through the shopping center across the street, with a megaphone at her hip, and stopped her to ask if she was involved in the protests he’s noticed in past weeks.  He had done some research on HLS on his own, but had some questions about Fortress’ involvement.  He was very supportive, and said that he and his office mates on the 38th floor of the SunAmerica building had been very aware of activists presence in front of the MGM Tower.

A security guard at MGM talked to one activist that day about the possibility of “keeping it down” for a while, or coming back at a more convenient time.  He said that he and others in the MGM Tower are supportive of the protests, but there were a lot of people trying to have meetings at the time, and activists were being “kind of noisy.”  He was very polite, and did seem genuine in his support, but the activists made it clear that we don’t reschedule our protests based on what’s convenient for everybody. If they want to restore silence to their building, they should talk to Fortress. 

We’ll be happy to stop making "noise" - as soon as they divest from HLS.


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