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Wednesday, 23rd March

The first on our shortlist of targets for the day was AstraZeneca's huge complex at their Avlon Works, Severn Rd, Hallen, Bristol BS10 7ZE (Tel: 0117-938 2999). If anyone is in any doubt as to just how profitable the pharmaceutical industry is then look at how much land these pharma giants own. We arrived just after 9am when most of the workers had just arrived, and we welcomed them to another day of work with a dose of the truth of the suffering caused to animals in HLS thanks to contracts taken out by AstraZeneca. 70,000 animals are suffering all the time in HLS, and 500 die every day, only to be replaced by another 500.

These individuals suffer right now because companies like AstraZeneca aren't willing to take the ethical step to stop using Huntingdon Life Sciences. Not only that but many millions of human animals are adversely affected by pharmaceutical drugs which kill more people every year than wars do. So many people are also dying from diseases the cures of which have long been promised from research on animals. "I'm so diseased, my head is stinging" you can hear them whaling from their hospital beds. We stayed at this location for about an hour before moving on to our next port of call.

Astra Tech Ltd are a subsidiary of AstraZeneca and we again turned up at their office at Brunel Way, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, GL10 3SX (Tel: 01453 791763) with megaphones to tell them all about the reality of what the animals are going through thanks to contracts taken out by AstraZeneca. As with AstraZeneca, we stayed for about an hour before moving on.

At Axa in central Bristol we did a short demonstration which left none of the staff in any doubt as to how their company are involved in animal torture. They are one of the biggest shareholders in AstraZeneca and also invest in many other pharmaceutical companies and many other very unethical companies who are responsible for the suffering of so many animals, human and non-human, all over the world.


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