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Friday, 25th March

Friday afternoon, activists held several demonstrations against Fortress Investment.

Activists started off the day by visiting the MGM Towers where the Fortress Investment Group's Los Angeles office is located. Ready with megaphones and lots of literature to distribute to the public, activists made sure that every one knew exactly how Fortress Investment spends their money. The public has been exceptionally receptive outside of the Fortress Office. Some people who work inside of the MGM Towers will come outside and give protesters a thumbs up. Others will come over and talk to activists and let them know that they appreciate all the hard work that is being done to put pressure on Fortress and HLS to shut down their dirty, murderous deal.

The second demo was at Greg Schnider's office, Newmark Knight Frank. Greg Schnider is the son of Fortress Investment's Managing Director, Ian Schnider. Schnider is very vocal about defending his father and Fortress Investment Group. In order to try and deter activists from neighborhood protests, Schnider has once compared his father's position at Fortress to having about as much influence on the company as a "janitor at Microsoft"!

Activists were outside of Greg's office chanting and exposing his dad's scummy deeds. The demonstration caused a lot of commotion and public awareness, much to activists' delight. About 8 security guards came outside and even the property manager came out to have "a word with the activists". He was told that until Fortress and Ian cut their ties with HLS, the demos will continue.

Until every cage is open, and HLS is shut down!

If you would like to get involved in campaigning in LA, then please contact us.



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